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Here is a receipt of sweet almond cold processing soap, overfat and very sweet for sensitive skins. It does not excessively foam but enough, in return for an incredible softness!

Before you start, the elements we manipulate are dangerous so please read carefully those security precautions!

Ingredients (1kg) – 7,53€ / kg

  • 455g Olive Oil (NaOH index=0,135)
  • 70g Coco Oil (NaOH index=0,183)
  • 70g Shea Butter (NaOH index=0,132)
  • 105g Sweet Almond Oil (NaOH index=0,139)
  • 92,6g Caustic Soda (NaOH) – to recalculate
  • 266g Water


With gloves, protection glasses and a mask with cartridges! Using a precise scale (accurate to the nearest gram), weight in two separate recipients the water and the caustic soda. Always round the caustic soda to the lowest gram, if needed. Add the soda to the water (and NEVER the opposite, risk is 3rd degree burns!!) to make caustic soda lye, mix with a wooden spoon that will only be used for soap making. The mixture heats, let it cool down until it reaches a temperature below 50°C.

Melt together the oils and butter in a big plate, mix with a mixer-diver until the mixture  reaches a temperature below 50°C. Then, add the lye to the oils (and NEVER the opposite!!), and keep mixing with the mixer-diver.

Mix until the mixture thickens, it is called the trace of the soap. This trace should not be too thick; so that you can still put the mixture into a soap mold. When the right consistence is obtained, put it in the mold(s). Wash the instruments and plates by rincing it with white vinegar, then with your usual dish soap. It should all never be reused for anything else than soap making.

After 48h, unmold the soap with gloves, then cut it if needed, and let it rest in a cure for 3 weeks.

Let’s soap!

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